Nail Fungus Removal in Plainview, NY

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Nail Fungus Removal

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is an infection usually caused by a parasitic fungus of the nail. Damaged, yellowed, peeled off, the nail affected by onychomycosis requires specific treatment, followed rigorously for several months.

Nail Fungus: The Causes

Onychomycosis is most often caused by dermatophyte fungi, more rarely by yeasts or molds.

  • A fungal nail infection caused by dermatophytes usually follows a fungus foot (known as the athlete’s foot), incurred on public spots infected by fragments of skin filed by patients. This is particularly the case in swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, sports locker rooms, medical offices, dance halls, and so on. After several months, an untreated athlete’s foot spreads to the nail and causes onychomycosis.
  • Yeasts can also be the cause of onychomycosis in the fingernails. These fungi proliferate under the fingernails of people too often in contact with water.
  • Mold contamination can occur from contact with contaminated soil.

How It Works

At Rejuvenation Wellness Center, we can treat toenail fungus using laser treatments.

Pathogens that are causing toenail fungus will be targeted in a safe, effective, and comfortable way. Laser treatment has been deemed 85% effective compared to prescription topical treatments, which are only 8% effective.

There is no other treatment that is faster and more effective than laser toenail and fingernail fungus treatment. Moreover, the treatment will be without any pain or discomfort. We use the state-of-the-art ND YAG Laser for treating nail fungus.

As the fungus is removed from the nail, it will take some time for the new nail to form in place of the old discolored nail, but at least patients will be relieved that an infected nail is out of their body. There are no side effects from the treatment but in case, you feel any, then get in touch with our doctors for guidance.

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