How Long Can Crow's Feet Lines Stay Relaxed After BOTOX®?

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Crow's feet, also called laugh lines, are often the first sign of aging. The fine lines develop at the corners of your eyes and fan outward. They occur from repetitively moving your facial muscles when you smile. BOTOX injections help relax the muscles in the area so the fine lines and wrinkles start to smooth and disappear. When used before the appearance of Crow's feet, BOTOX injections function as an effective preventive method. However, you might wonder how long the injections work to relax the muscles. The length of time can vary between patients, but most enjoy the benefits of BOTOX for 4 – 6 months before needing to undergo maintenance injections to maintain and refresh their results and appearance.

Dr. Natalia Levinskaya is a board-certified physician at Rejuvenation Wellness Center in Plainview, NY. She offers BOTOX injections to her patients to help prevent the signs of aging and remove existing fine lines and wrinkles. If you are interested in BOTOX injections to get rid of Crow's feet, we encourage you to meet with Dr. Levinskaya to discuss your needs and learn how BOTOX injections are an effective cosmetic treatment option.

All About BOTOX injections in Plainview, NY

So, you want to look younger and more vibrant? BOTOX injections are a safe way to smooth away Crow's feet. Our aesthetics team at Rejuvenation Wellness Center in Plainview, NY uses BOTOX to achieve outstanding results in patients for 4 – 6 months before they need to undergo additional maintenance BOTOX injections. We typically recommend that you undergo maintenance BOTOX injections every 3 – 4 months, so your results do not wane.

The amount of BOTOX our team uses does vary and depends on the severity of your Crow's feet wrinkles. When you meet with us for a consultation, we will make a recommendation on the amount of BOTOX units to use to help achieve your goals. You might want to treat not only your Crow's feet but also lines in the forehead region or brow area.

At Rejuvenation Wellness Center in Plainview, NY, many of our patients opt to pair BOTOX injections with other nonsurgical treatments to maximize results and target more signs of aging. We will meet with you to discuss how dermal fillers can provide even smoother results. In addition, we even offer complementary procedures.

We invite you to sit down with our aesthetics team to discuss the most effective ways to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX injections can prevent the facial muscles from contracting to create a smoother appearance and stop new lines from developing. When you combine BOTOX with dermal fillers, you can gain ever greater and longer-lasting results. Dermal fillers work by plumping up sunken areas of your face to re-create a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Schedule a consultation to discuss BOTOX in Plainview, NY

We invite you to contact our skilled team at Rejuvenation Wellness Center in Plainview, NY to schedule a consultation with Dr. Natalia Levinskaya to discuss the many benefits of BOTOX injections and how long you can expect to enjoy the youthful, anti-aging results. At the consultation, we can also provide you with other cosmetic procedures that you can pair with BOTOX injections to achieve truly outstanding results.

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